Mark Gonzalez, New York, USA

Mark Gonzalez, New York, USA

Managing Director, Americas.

After graduating from Duke University, Mark spent over 12 years in the investment banking and private banking sectors before joining Deutsche Bank in mid-2012. When he’s not busy delivering for his clients, he likes to hit the ski slopes of Vermont and Colorado or help coach his son’s baseball and football teams.


My career 

“As a bank, we apply a truly global lens to the clients we cover and the solutions we provide. It sets us apart from competitors who have a US-centric approach, and is what first attracted me to join.

The ability to be entrepreneurial was – and still is – incredibly valuable to me. As someone looking to develop their career, I didn’t want to limit myself to a particular type of client or country. Working here means that I can be much more creative in my thinking. This flexibility to pick and choose from our range of investment platforms to suit specific clients and attract prospects is invaluable.

It’s my team that’s crucial to delivery

Mark Gonzalez

Of course, working across borders brings its compliance challenges. But the distance between senior management and me is very short and their doors are always open. I can approach them and get answers fast. Another advantage of working with global clients is that they often know other families in jurisdictions I cover, helping me to build and connect my client base.

It’s my team that’s crucial to delivery though. I’ve worked with my deputy for nine years now and we constantly leverage each other’s experience and personal connectivity with clients. We’re at a point where we can finish each other’s sentences and are frequently complimented for our seamless, team-based approach. Clearly, it shows.”

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