Deepak Chaudhry, Singapore

Deepak Chaudhry, Singapore

Director, Digital Program.

Based in Singapore, Deepak is the program manager for digital initiatives at Deutsche Bank Wealth Management. Since joining in 2011, he has successfully progressed the bank’s digital capabilities while pursuing his passion for technology.  



My career 

“I had a great opportunity to join the technology team. Now I handle the digital capabilities within our global initiatives, rolling these out to the regions. 

In my team, my colleagues have come from start-ups, other banks or have been hired as graduates. We always need that blend of expertise. The people are friendly and because they are from different backgrounds, everyone brings different ideas. The way we gel is fantastic.

Our team work closely together and with other teams around the world to generate ideas. We identify challenges and work out how to solve them. We like to start each day with a clean slate.

I get to leave my imprint on my work, putting a lot of focus on design and user experience.

Deepak Chaudhry

I get to leave my imprint on my work, putting a lot of focus on design and user experience. In fact, I joined because I heard from friends that if you have an idea, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management supports innovation and has the resources to implement it.

At heart, I am a technology enthusiast. I like to keep abreast of digital trends and bring this knowledge to work with me. Deutsche Bank supports me in integrating my interests into my work.”

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