Eligible Investors

Further to confirmation from the Israeli Securities Authority, Deutsche Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is permitted to prospect for "eligible investors" in Israel subject to certain clarifications which we will provide prior to an eligible investor opening an account. Amongst these is a requirement to detail the product partners which we work with, as well as detail the types of products which we may, in the future, market to an Israel eligible investor. The types of products we may offer to eligible investors are detailed below, as are our approved product partners in the attached document which will be reviewed and updated (where necessary), as a minimum, on an annual basis.


The types of securities and financial products that we may market to you or which our portfolio management team may invest in on your behalf include:


  • Single equities, single bonds (or similar fixed income instruments) and single convertible securities;

  • Collective investment schemes that invest in one or more underlying asset classes or financial products, including but not limited to Mutual Funds, OEICs, Investment Trusts, and SICAVs;

  • Structured Products (being a combination of a derivative and another underlying financial instrument providing exposure to one or more asset classes or financial products);

  • Derivative instruments;

  • Hedge Funds; and

  • Private Market investments involving investment in financial products providing exposure to real estate and/or private equity, typically being long-term and/or illiquid investments, whether by way of a collective investment scheme (including but not limited to a limited partnership structure) or direct investment.